Decision on level of individual publications

In the case of individual articles or books, the rating factors include the publication type awarded to the article or book in question in the data collection procedure of the Ministry of Education and Culture as well as the series, conference or book publisher used as the publication channel. In the university funding model, the coefficient of the relevant Publication Forum Level is applied only to the peer-reviewed scientific or scholarly articles in journals, conferences and compilations, as well as to scholarly books. These correspond to the publication types A1-A4 and C1-C2 as defined in the instructions for the Ministry of Education and Culture publication data collection.

  • The Publication Forum category of peer-reviewed articles in journals and compilations (A1-A3), monographs (C1) and edited books (C2) is determined principally on the basis of the Level awarded to the journal/series.
  • The Level of the book publisher is used to rate books or articles in compilations for Publication Forum purposes only in cases where the publication does not come out in a series of publications or such series has not been classified.
  • The Level of peer-reviewed conference papers (A4), typical mainly of Computer and Information Science and Technology fields, is primarily determined on the basis of the Level of the conference listed under the established name of the event. If the conference has not been rated the articles will receive a Level according to the serial or monographic series in which the articles have been published. If the proceedings do not appear in a series, the Level is determined by the publisher. The process of registering conferences changed in June 2016, for more information please see this notice.

The Publication Forum level in force in the year in which the publication came out will be used to determine the Level of the article or the book. The publications classified under types A1-A4 and C1-C2 must have registered ISSN or ISBN numbers.


Weight of publications in university funding model

Starting from 2017, the publications in the university funding model are weighted using the following coefficients based on the type of publication, and for refereed books and articles, also the Publication Forum Level of the publication outlet:

Updated 12.6.2017