Conferences removed from the database

Tiedotteet   11.1.2017 10.47   Päivitetty 30.8.2017 11.31

About 3,000 conferences listed under the event name have been removed from the Publication Forum (JUFO) database. The peer-reviewed articles of these conferences will continue to be taken into account in the university funding model. But unlike previously, they will receive the level of the regular publication channel (series or book publisher) as determined by the ISSN or the ISBN marked on the article.

Starting from June 2016, individual conferences are rated only in those exceptional cases in which the level of the conference papers deviates from the determined level of the series (eg. Lecture Notes in Computer Science) or the publisher (eg. IEEE) serving as publication channel. The only panels that will continue evaluating conferences under the established name of the event are Panel 2 – Computer and information sciences and Panel 9 – Electrical and Electronic engineering, information engineering.

The removed conferences are mainly those assigned to panels other than 2 or 9, as well as cases, in which the level of the conference has been the same as the level of the publication channel. Such conferences rated on level 0 or 1, which have their own ISSN number, are now classified as "Journal / Series" instead of “Conference”, and named according to the title registered by the ISSN Centre.

In the attached file (updated 30th of August 2017) Fileremoved_conferences_300817.xlsx you can find information regarding the removed conferences:

  • Unique identifier, i.e. JUFOID
  • Name
  • Abbreviation
  • JUFOID of series or publisher that serves as regular publication channels for the conference in question (“Substitutive channel”)
  • Levels prior to removal

If there is no JUFOID in the column “Substitutive channel”, one of the following definitions is provided:

  • "unknown" =  some of the conferences have been left unaddressed since they often do not meet the criteria of a scholarly publication channel,
    and also, were assigned to panels other than panel 2 or panel 9
  • "varying channel" = the publication channel of some conferences varies annually, and therefore, one substitutive channel cannot be identified
  • "inapplicable channel" = for some of the conferences the publication channel cannot be identified, or the publication channel is lacking an ISBN or an ISSN.

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