Comment on the proposals for amendments to the classification levels in the JUFO Publication Forum

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The Expert Panels of the Publication Forum have made initial proposals for amendments to the current publication channel classification on levels 2 and 3. The proposals for amendments are available for viewing and comments by the scientific community in the Publication Forum portal and on the Publication Forum website (at the end of this page). Any comments saved by 31 August 2018 at the latest will be taken into consideration when finalising the classification. The Panels will finalise the classification during September and October, and the new classification will be valid in 2019-2022.

Each Panel can place a limited number of publication channels on levels 2 and 3. Regarding journals, the allocations of levels 2 and 3 shall be determined on the basis of the publication volume, i.e. the number of articles published annually, and not on the basis of the number of journals. The primary evaluation criteria are the scientific quality, impact and appreciation of the publication channel. Proposals received from the scientific community, reference indicators, classifications in Norway and Denmark and information on open availability shall be used to support the evaluation. Special attention shall be paid to the representation of various fields of science and research on levels 2 and 3.

Publication Forum is a publication channel classification system implemented by the Finnish scientific community that supports the quality assessment of research output. The Publication Forum’s operations are coordinated by the Federation of Finnish Learned Societies. The evaluation of publication channels is performed by 23 discipline-specific Expert Panels, with over 240 members from universities and research institutes. There are four levels (0-3), of which 3 is the highest. A re-evaluation concerning levels 2 and 3 shall be carried out once every four years.

Instructions on commenting: Users with credentials for the Publication Forum portal

  • Sign in to the portal at with the Haka credentials of your university/reseach institution or a separate identifier at (NOTE! There is currently a problem with creating the identifiers)
  • If the Panel has proposed an amendment to the level of the channel, the proposed level shall be indicated by the column SGT. You can also filter all channels to the levels of which an amendment has been proposed: select Additional filter > Preliminary suggestion > Search.
  • Well-founded proposals for amendments can be made by selecting the option Propose level amendment from the pinion. The maximum amount of characters in the grounds field is 1000. Longer texts may cause an error. We are sorry for inconvenience.
  • You may also compile a TOP10 list of the publication channels that you consider most important in your research discipline by selecting the option Add to TOP10 list from the pinion.

Instructions on commenting: Users without credentials for the Publication Forum portal

  • NOTE! If you have Haka credentials of your university/research institution, please see instructions above (Users with credentials)
  • View the initial proposals for an amendment in an Excel file
  • You can make well-founded proposals for amendments on the Publication Forum website > Select the option Level ratings.

Further information:
Classification criteria and information on the allocation of levels 2 and 3
Publication Forum Manual for Panels
Publication Forum website

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